How to get Google AdSense Approval for YouTube channel

 If you want to monetize your YouTube channel via AdSense and earn a decent amount money from it then this article is for you. So let's start

There are only 3-4 ways to earn money from your YouTube channel one is promoting products as an affiliate, another is sponsored posts and the last one is AdSense which is the greatest or best option according to me. Because there is no guarantee that you will generate sale from your affiliate link or even you get a chance to post sponsored posts even you have enough or decent amount views.

In this case, AdSense is the best option because it pays you according to per views. For example, using AdSense you can easily earn up to $6-10 per 1000 views, which means that if you have 100k visitors or views per month then you can easily earn up to 6-10k $ per month. Here easily does not mean that it is easy to get 100k subscriber or views per month.

For a new YouTuber it is very much hard to bring up to 100 visitors or views per month. But it is hard not impossible. Because if your content is interesting or has value then you will easily get 1 lac subscriber within 8-10 months.

Now I know that what you guys are thinking! You guys are thinking that is 10 month a little time! If you are thinking this then let me tell you that your YouTube career totally depends on our patience. Not only YouTube, in online field whatever you do, you must need patience because it takes time.

From the above discussion, you might already have decided that AdSense might be perfect for you. Now let's discuss about the requirements of getting AdSense approval for your YouTube channel.

For AdSense approval, your YouTube channel must 1000 subscriber and 4000 hour watch time. After having this requirement, you might get AdSense approval for your YouTube channel. But according to me, if you are taking YouTube as a career option then you must need to grow your channel first and monetize at last. 

So this is how you can get Google AdSense Approval for your YouTube channel. For any kind of help please contact with us. We might give you the proper instructions.

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