8+ most popular ways to make quick money from your Blog


Blogging is one of the best way to earn money from internet. You can always earn from blogging via different ways. So in this article, we will teach you about "How you can earn money from your blog?"

Best and profitable niche:

If you are thinking about earning from your blog, then at first you have to choose a profitable niche. If you don't have any selected niche then don't worry because in this article we will provide you some profitable niche ideas so that you can make quick money from your blog.  

Look, everybody is trying blogging nowadays and struggling to achieve great success. But remember only 35% bloggers are achieving success. For this reason, before starting a blog it is mandatory to select a niche at first. 

For example, if you have selected a competitive niche for blogging then it might take a huge time for you to get traffic from google. Because, competitive niche a niche where already a lot blogs exist from years and as a new site it is quite hard for you to get ranked and generate traffic. 

So if you want quick success on blogging field, then selecting a profitable and low competitive niche will help you a lot. Low competitive blogging niche means such a niche, topic or subject where less blogs exists. 

Serve Ads on your blog; 

If you have a decent amount of traffic per month then you can earn money by serving ads to your blog. There are a lot of popular ad network companies which pays per click. So if you even have 10k unique visitors per day then, you can earn more than $100 per month which is great for new bloggers. Now it is hard for a new blogger to choose a trusted and high paying ad network. But we will show you some examples of trusted ad network.

Promote brands on your Blog;  

Promoting any brand on your new site will help you a lot to get started. You have to find any brand and contact with them so that you can promote their brands. After promoting their brands they will pay you. There are also a lot of sites which will directly find brands for you. But for this you need a decent amount of traffic so that they can promote their brands via your blog.

Add Affiliate Links to your Website; 

Affiliate Marketing is known as the best way to earn money from a blog. Via affiliate marketing, you have to generate sales and after generating sales, you will receive a commission. There are a lot of affiliate marketing platforms from where you will find products to promote. Web hosting, domain, amazon associate, click bank etc are the best affiliate programs with high pay-out. There are also other affiliate programs.

Sell Ad Space; 

This is one of the best strategy that the new bloggers use to monetize their blog. There are a lot of companies who sell ad space. You have find such companies so that you can promote their ads. There are a lot of ad space in your blog. You can place this ads anywhere you want. 

Offer services;  

You must offer some services to your customers so that they become attracted to your blog. For example, you are working on blogging niche, then you can surely sell a book of your own and make money via it. And the greatest thing is that you don't need to give any kind of commission to anyone. The whole income or profit is just yours. So, I surely recommend it to new bloggers.

Offer consulting Services;  

What if you get paid for your speech only? Isn't that great? Yes you can also offer consulting service to your audience and you will get paid for every definite speech. Yes this is totally a great way to earn the most from your blog and the professional bloggers also give it much importance. You can surely earn money from it moreover it will make your blog professional and popular. 

Offer coaching Services; 

Similar to consulting, coaching service is a great way to monetize your blog. For example, you have a website related to share market or investment. Then you can surely start a coaching service teaching people about how to invest in the share market and in other fields. Again, I have a website related to blogging, affiliate marketing and other marketing topic. Then I can offer my audience a coaching over blogging with a definite price and surely people will buy it.

We are also thinking about it. So support us so that one day we might become the best website for free teaching about marketing topics.

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Thank you.

Written by; Rayean Islam( A great blogger)
Credit; Affiliate Marketing City.

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