What is Freelancing ? Details by Fiverr Experts

 Hi everyone, today we have James Douman with us who is a fiverr expert and he has almost 14 years of experience in Freelancing with over 22000 projects completed. Today we will learn from him about Freelancing, so let's start;

Besides today's scripts is written by James Douman because he will suggest us tips today. So be with us till the end.

The word Freelance are made up of two different word named 'Free' and 'Lance. The name became popular in the 1900 and people started to know about it.

Freelancer is such a person who does not work with any specific company or organization and he just works independently. As his work is not specific  so his salary is also not specific. If you want to understand easily, then freelancer is such a person who work independently with  different companies at a time by sitting at home.

For example, some freelancers write content for different different companies. Again some freelancers design logo for different companies. Again some freelancers performs web marketing or digital marketing. Now let's discuss about the advantages of freelancing; 

Freelancing Advantages; 

  • A freelancer can choose any work which he likes the most and which he can do perfectly.
  • A freelancer can even choose or set up his own salary.
  • You can start freelancing at any time. You just need a skill and you are ready to go.
  • A freelancer can even choose any company he wants to work with and at any time he can also leave the company, project or client.
  • If you become a freelancer you own self can set up your working hours.
  • In a word, a freelancer can set up everything according to him. 

Freelancing Disadvantages;

  • Nowadays, Freelancing market place has become overpopulated due to excessive freelancers and as new freelancer it will be tough to achieve your first order.
  • As a freelancer chooses his own work depending upon his skill sometimes projects might not be available depending upon that specific skill. So it is better to start with at least 2-3 skills.
  • As a new freelancer client review will help you a lot to grow so you must satisfy all the clients which is a little bit tough.
  • It might take a long time to receive your first sale or order but once you get it you are ready to go.

If you are agree with the above terms and conditions then you can start your freelancing career from Today. At the present time freelancers from under developed countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries are developing a lot with their freelancing career. 

Yet for some people it is totally new, but some people have achieved great success through freelancing. After completion of education or along with education you can start your freelancing career.

Freelancing is a multi-billionaire dollar marketplace. Sometimes if your skill is valuable and unique you can gain your first sale within some days.

Skills that are the best for freelancing;

  • Graphics and design.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Writing and Translation.
  • Video and Animation.
  • Music and audio.
  • Programming and tech.
  • Business.
  • Fun and life style.
Every category on fiverr also has a sub-category. 

This are the speeches according to James Douman. We will share with you the best freelancing platforms on the next article. 

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