What Is Affiliate Marketing? A Guide for Beginners

 Just twenty years ago, businesses spent thousands of dollars each year on radio, TV or print ads in the hopes their brand would grow. While they were promised success, the truth is that it was incredibly difficult to stand out and make money via advertising.

Worse yet, their efforts were often pitted against enormous corporations with million dollar ad budgets. If they got airtime at all, the smaller companies had a harder time gauging success against their Goliath-esque competition. 

Small companies and your everyday entrepreneur held the short end of the stick and growth was hard. But that was almost twenty years ago. Nowadays, it has become much easier.

Affiliate Marketing Explained; 

If you have a blog or website or YouTube channel then affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online.  Today after Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing is the best way from which you can earn money. Affiliate marketing is such a way using which we can sell products of any company or even refer any company. 

For example if you join a affiliate marketing platform then you will choose the product which you want to promote in your website or YouTube channel. After choosing the platform the specific affiliate platform will generate a banner ad or banner ad link for you which you have to ad on your YouTube channel or blog.

After promoting the product, when you receive a sale you might earn specific commission based on that product. Remember commission of every product is different. Again you can also sell digital product using affiliate program for example WordPress theme, Domain., Hosting, Online software and others.

How to start Affiliate Marketing; 

To start affiliate marketing you have to follow the steps given below; 
  • At first, you have to create a YouTube channel, blog, website or Facebook page where you can promote your products. You must have high traffic on your blog, website, Facebook page or YouTube channel to have a decent conversion rate. 
  • If you have any of the above platforms then now you have to join a affiliate program so that you can find products easily to promote.
  • After joining affiliate programme you must choose a product which you want to sell.
  • After choosing the product they will give you an affiliate link which you have to add in your YouTube channel, blog or Facebook page.
  • As soon as you gain a sale you will earn a commission based on your product.
  • After reaching the minimum amount of commission, you can withdraw your money.
All over the internet there are thousands of affiliate network companies who hire affiliate to promote their products like hosting. domain, dress and other products. 

How much can you earn from Affiliate Marketing; 

This is most popular question that how much can I earn from affiliate marketing? Then the answer of this question is it fully depends upon you and your targeted audience. Many people are earning $10000 even up to $50000 via affiliate marketing. So in this case, if you try hard you might surely earn at least some hundred bucks per month. If you want to earn more from affiliate marketing then it might take some time. But for this you have to understand the game of affiliate marketing.

Which product should I select to Promote; 

Let's think that you have a blog or YouTube channel where you teach people about blogging and write articles about blogging. As you write articles related to blogging then you should promote products like hosting, domain, themes and other items which are necessary for blogging. 

In the same way, if you have a lifestyle or fashion blog then you must promote products related to dress and fashion. 


We hope you already understood what affiliate marketing is and how to do it. We are continuously posting articles related to affiliate marketing. Be with us to be an affiliate experts.

That's all. We will be sharing with you more tips and tricks to be an affiliate expert in the next article. Till then be with us. 

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