FREELANCING GUIDELINE: How to start and it’s benefit


FREELANCING GUIDELINE: How to start and it’s benefit 

Freelance & freelancer

A freelancer is a self-employed person who provides services, often working with multiple clients for several jobs at once.

 Freelancers usually earn money on a per-job basis, charging for their work on an hourly or daily basis. Freelance work is generally short-term.

On the other hand, even if another company does not officially hire a freelancer, other businesses can subcontract them. It is common for freelancers to work on several different jobs or projects together. But some freelance contracts may limit who else can work as a freelancer until the project is completed.

 The most common freelance jobs are in the creative industry. Graphic design, digital marketing, copy-writing, website development, or photography is the most popular industry. However, freelancers can work in almost any service-oriented industry such as translation, consulting, or catering.



Why do you want to be a freelancer?

Some important reasons to start freelancing:

1.    Ways to get extra money around your work are done to pay off debt or save for rainy days.

2.    It is affordable to start if you already have the skills and tools to work.

3.    You can start fast. As soon as you find a client, you can start paying for freelance.

4.    It allows for greater freedom on a task.

5.    It is often flexible, giving you part-time or off-business hours of work.

6.    It can take time to generate a full-time income.

7.    Work, and therefore, income can be irregular.

8.    Need multiple clients and a great organization to manage the project.



What kind of work does a freelancer offer?

Almost any type of service provided to another business can be supplied on a freelance basis. Some typical freelance jobs include:


      Freelance writer

      Freelance web designer

      Digital marketer

      A freelance virtual assistant or virtual professional

      Freelance register

      Social media director media



What do you need to start?

To be a freelancer, you need to have the skills that you can give to potential clients. Most people are attracted to their employment experience, providing services using the talents they already have. In addition to a benefit, there are a few things to consider when putting things together:


1. You need a business plan. When you are not setting up an official home business, contact your city or county to determine if your freelance business license is required. It would help if you still had a plan that outlines which services you will provide, which market you will serve, and which marketing strategies will summarize it.

2.  You need a website that tells about you and your services. It also includes a portfolio and testimonials of your work.

3. A LinkedIn profile is so important. While all social media can be an excellent resource for networking for freelance work, LinkedIn is an online resume where professionals stay connected. It is an excellent resource for freelance job search.

4. A dedicated business phone or cell phone number on which prospects can reach you.






Advantage and disadvantage of freelance work


If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer, it is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of freelance work.

Some of the advantages of being a freelancer:


1.    Flexible work schedule:

 You can choose what hours you work and set your schedule to fit in with other commitments.


2.    Choices and Varieties:

As a freelancer, you have to decide which clients to work for. You can choose your projects and be less limited to specific markets or sectors.

More control: You can set your own goals and say more to your business.




There are several disadvantages to consider:


Less sustainability:

Freelance work depends on reaching enough clients. Many freelancers have less financial stability than employees and less guarantee of future work.


Fewer benefits:

Many companies offer benefits such as insurance or pension plans for their employees. Self-employed freelancers will be responsible for their services and advantages.



Being a freelancer is a quick and affordable way to start earning from home. Especially if you already have the skills freelance, you can start providing your services today.


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